Wpf textbox error validating

You can selectively disable this feature on a field by setting the Support Data Error Info property exposed by a field object’s Field Settings property to interface and you set the Value Constraint property of an embedded xam Editor control, any value constraint errors will also cause the error icon and/or highlight to appear.

Value constraints will force your end users to correct an error before they can move focus to a new cell.

In a recent post on his blog Josh Smith described a technique for providing more meaningful error messages when the type conversion process fails within the binding framework.

Consider the following problem; you bind an integer property of your object (Age for example) to a Text Box within your user interface.

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NET framework that make it easier to build custom helpers.The Text Box bindings use Validates On Data Errors, this ensures that the IData Error Info interface methods on the Person class will be invoked, enforcing our Age rules.However, they do not handle exceptions thrown in the binding process, i.e. The interesting part of the above code is the Binding Group which is present in the Grid element, i.e. When you define a Binding Group it is related to the Data Context of the element that it is defined against.This blog post illustrates an alternative technique to his approach, using the recently introduced feature of Binding Groups.Take for example a very simple example, a Person class which has properties of Name and Age.

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